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Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and Aramid fiber (Kevlar®) tapes are extremely common in various applications, from composites to the most severe thermal and electrical insulation.

Application in Composites:

The tapes offer ease and optimization during lamination, guarantee an adequate direction of the effort (fibers) and dimensional stability; The tapes are manufactured in weights between 80 and 800 g/m² and widths between 13 and 100 mm, and can be unidirectional or bidirectional.

One of the great innovations is the tapes made of hybrid materials (up to 3 fibers – Fiberglass + Carbon fiber + Aramid fiber), which provide high mechanical and aesthetic resistance to the final product. These products are the favorites of surfboard manufacturers because, in addition to the aesthetics of the apparent technology, they actually reinforce the edges, tails and stringers, replacing conventional board construction methodologies for the most advanced and performing.

Texiglass also manufactures self-adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape, used in composites in the vacuum resin infusion process, effectively replacing the adhesion spray, in addition to not causing chemical interference; the mesh tape is made to ensure adhesion and stability between layers during resin infusion.

Application in Electrical Insulation:

Fiberglass tape, also known in the Brazilian market as “cadarço”, is widely used in the bandaging of motors, transformers, electrical insulation, reinforcement of power and telephone cables and against the action of rodents. Tapes can have a central line for better orientation during winding and overlapping. Thicknesses vary between 0.08mm and 0.25mm and widths between 25 and 100mm, see below for the most common tapes:

• Texifita B6 (0,08mm)
• Texifita B8 (0,10mm)
• Texifita A6 (0,12mm)
• Texifita A1 (0,18mm)
• Texifita A5 (0,25mm)
• Texifita A2 (0,5mm)

All rolls are supplied in the standard length of 50 linear meters (standard), but with the possibility of obtaining rolls of up to 1,000m (on demand).

Application in Thermal Insulation:

Fiberglass tapes are excellent thermal insulators, withstanding temperatures of up to 400ºC (~750 ºF) without the material being deteriorated, ensuring insulation. They are usually made from textured fiberglass yarns to improve insulation capacity. Thicknesses vary between 1.3mm to 3mm and widths between 25 and 100mm, see below the most common tapes:

• Texifita X1 (1.3mm)
• Texifita X2 (3.0mm)

All rolls of Texifitas X1 and X2 are supplied in the standard length of 30 linear meters.


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