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Carbon Fiber is a solution widely used in structural reinforcement in civil construction. A very well-known method internationally, due to the need to reinforce old structures and prevent issues/design structures, Brazil also uses these materials to correct pathologies in reinforced concrete structures.

The carbon fiber composite acts as a resistant element to the traction, bending and compression forces that affect the structural element. This solution is indicated when the buildings are subject to overloads not foreseen in the original project or when the building has suffered some intervention or pathology, weakening its structure.

Its use is common in the recovery of beams, bridge columns, viaducts, buildings and cell phone poles.

In addition to the ease of application, it provides an increase of up to 3 times the compressive strength and with up to 10 times less weight than beam or column recovery by the conventional method with iron and steel.

Texiglass® provides the reinforcements used in this method of structural reinforcement, being the prestressed carbon fiber sheets CFE-2600, and the fabric (or commonly called “Blanket”) of carbon fiber TEXICARBON-334-HM.

CFE-2600 carbon fiber sheets are common in thicknesses of 1.2mm and 1.4mm, widths 50mm and 100mm and rolls with a length of 50m. The nominal tensile strength of the sheet is 2,600 MPa, values ​​measured in a certified laboratory.

TEXICARBON-334-HM carbon fiber fabrics are used in rolls of 50 meters in length and widths of 50cm or 30cm. In addition to these widths, we can also manufacture them in the form of 50mm and 100mm tapes for better application/point lamination. The nominal tensile strength of the fabric is 4,900 MPa.

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