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The filaments or simply fiberglass, carbon fiber and aramid fiber yarns, in addition to the availability of smooth “direct roving”, that are widely used in composites in the pultrusion and filament winding processes, the yarns can also be twisted, textured and treated for many other industry applications. We also have yarns for the SPRAY UP process, known as “chop method”.

Available titles:

  • Fiberglass (Direct Roving): 100tex to 8800tex;

Fiberglass (Spray UP – Chop method): 2400tex and 4000tex;

Fiberglass (Yarn – Lightly Twisted) 22 tex to 68 tex (These yarns are originally manufactured with a slight twist per meter – 28 TPM);

Aramid fiber: 167 tex to 330 tex;

Carbon fiber: 200 tex to 3400 tex (3K, 6K, 12K, 24K, 48K and 50K);

Most common twisted fiberglass yarns: 68/2-100; 100/2-70; 200/4-100; 408/3-70, etc.


Textured yarns are those that are physically modified with compressed air to acquire greater volume; the objective of this process is to increase the material’s thermal insulation capacity.

Treatment with PTFE (Teflon®):

Fiberglass, carbon and aramid yarns treated (impregnated) with PTFE (Teflon®) are great for manufacturing special gaskets and can be twisted or smooth. These yarns guarantee the optimal properties of non-toxicity, chemical resistance and anti-adherence.


Composites in general (tubes, tanks, ladders, etc.), gaskets, hoses, thermal pad sewing, special cables, electrical harnesses and traces, etc.


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