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Fiberglass Rebar is being used to replace reinforcing steel bar to reinforce concrete structures, providing greater safety, quality and economy in the construction.

Fiberglass is 4 times lighter and 2 times stronger than steel, and in addition to not conducting electricity, it does not oxidize. Lightness and mechanical strength are the perfect combinations to produce these high-performance compounds. In addition, due to its low thermal conductivity, it reduces heat transmission, being also an excellent ally in green initiatives.

In addition to all the advantages presented, fiberglass rebar does not suffer from corrosion, which is the biggest cause of structural issues when reinforcement steel is exposed.

Below are the most common fiberglass rebar diameters:

• 6mm
• 12,5mm
• 15,5mm
• 20mm
• 25mm
• 32mm
• 51mm

TEXIGLASS also manufactures rebar grids and panels to order.

Example: 1000mm (width) x 1,000mm (length) x 10mmX10mm (Opening – Gap)

Application example: Concrete slabs reinforced with fiberglass rebar and subjected to heavy traffic, such as bridges and bridge entrances, last approximately 20 times longer than those made of conventional materials.



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