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Multiaxial fabrics are sewn fabrics, also known as multilayers, combined, NCF (non-crimp fabrics), biaxial, etc.

With structures that combine yarns in the directions of +45°/-45° and 00°/90°, this type of fabric can be used in most applications of conventional “woven” fabrics, however, the construction of this composite makes it possible to place the reinforcement in the correct direction of the load to which the piece will be subjected, without the need to rotate the fabric and create extra scrap. In addition to this feature, multiaxial fabrics have pre-tensioned filaments, which ensure

better performance when using a more accurate process, such as vacuum infusion.

At TEXIGLASS®, multiaxial fabrics can be made of fiberglass or carbon fiber and in different weights. The most common multiaxial fiberglass fabrics are “1808” (600g/m² fabric + 260g/m² blanket), and “2408” (800 g/m² fabric + 260 g/m² blanket).

And the most common carbon fibers are 200g/m², 300g/m² and 400g/m², always arranged at +45°/-45° (without an attached blanket).

Applications: Reinforcements of Oil and Gas Pipes, Hulls/Decks of Yachts and Catamarans, Blades of Wind Generators, Nacelles, and composites in general.


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