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Texiglass® is the manufacturer of Fiberglass “E” and Fiberglass “A.R.” (alkali resistant).

Fiberglass Mesh E

The meshes made of “E” Glass, when coated with an anti-alkali protection, have the indispensable function of structuring civil construction systems such as EIFS, ETICS, ICF and “Base Coat”, to prevent the appearance of future cracks in the joints and applications.

In addition to this application, Texiglass fiberglass E meshes are used to reinforce marble/granite slabs, raised floors and mosaics in general. Some screen types:

• GI 53 RA 05 – 3mm x 3mm mesh;
• GIX 96 RA 05 – 3mm x 3mm mesh with textured yarn;
• GI 125 RA –  3.5mm x 3.5mm mesh;
• GI 123 RA –  5mm x 5mm mesh;


Key applications: Masonry + Structure / glass reinforced concrete (GRC) junction.

Texiglass® manufactures alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh for the manufacture of GRC (glass reinforcement concrete), structural concrete parts and artifacts, and use in the masonry + Structure of the construction junction, ensuring the non-oxidation and non-rotting of the reinforcement, consequently not showing the crack, in addition to containing a specific mechanical strength greater than that of steel. As it is alkali-resistant, it is minimally attacked by the cement’s alkalinity, maintaining a much longer useful life than competing materials.

• AR 122 RA 04 – 10mm x 10mm mesh;
• AR 120 RA 04 – 40mm x 40mm mesh.
• AR 248 RA 04 – 20mm x 20mm mesh;
• AR 243 RA 04 – 5mm x 5mm mesh.

It is easy to transport, cut and apply, as well as resulting in a smooth and perfect finish. It does not require special tools or personal protective equipment. The rolls are supplied with a length of 50 meters. We can make cuts in widths (Example: Rolls with 25cm or 50cm).

Crack & Plaster:

Texiglass® self-adhesive mesh tape, known in the Brazilian market as “Trinca & Gesso” (Crack & Plaster) is made of fiberglass, does not rot or oxidize, has excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability, essential for treatments of Dry Wall® joints and cement boards, in addition to being used to repair apparent cracks in common walls. It is easy to apply, even on ceilings, as it is highly adhesive.

The rolls are in 50mm x 90m and 100mm x 90m.

Consult us about other width possibilities.

Special Mesh of Carbon Fiber and Aramid Fiber:

Texiglass® also manufactures special meshes for several different applications on demand, using the best weaving techniques and seeking the best possible performance of the material according to the customer’s final application.


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