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Fiberglass fabrics are great thermal insulators; when they are aluminized or siliconized, they can be used to manufacture insulating covers that can be used to protect heated ducts in machines. They have the function of closing these thermal insulation systems, aiming to increase the useful life and performance of the equipment, in addition to guaranteeing the safety of employees who are close to an environment with high temperatures. By minimizing heat loss, they provide great energy savings.

These fabrics can be coated with silicone or aluminum depending on the application, whether that requires constant operational handling,

in which the fiberglass fabric with silicone is applied, and in applications where it is necessary to isolate the equipment completely, such as those of an external heat reflection system; then the fiberglass fabric with aluminum is used to close the system and reflect the heat.

They are used to make removable or permanent thermal insulation.

The most conventional fabrics are 0.2mm and 0.4mm thick and 1.30m wide.


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