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Fiberglass grid with high strength polymeric resin mechanical protection. It prevents the formation and reflection of cracks, fissures, and helps to increase the useful life of the asphalt floor covering.

The longitudinal and transverse yards that make up the fabric are pre-tensioned and joined together, with a high reinforcing capacity and an elongation of less than 1%. The mesh opening of 40mm x 40mm (average) is great for the passage of the granular material of the asphalt mixture, with perfect adhesion and continuity between layers.

As it is a complex application process, in addition to supplying the grids, Texiglass provides a technician for on-site monitoring of the initial applications.

Widths can vary between 2.05 and 3.80 m and all meshes contain a surface veil to better anchor the canvas with the substrate.

Texiglass® is the EXCLUSIVE supplier of CIDEX® fiberglass grids in Brazil.

Be sure to contact us for projects that seek long pavement life.


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