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Textile Industry and Commerce

Founded in 1986, TEXIGLASS® Indústria e Comércio Têxtil Ltda was created with the objective of supplying the segments of abrasive discs and surfboards, which until then were the main applications for reinforcement fabrics. However, with the evolution of lamination processes for composites, the need arose to develop new types of fabrics and fibers for these and several other segments.

TEXIGLASS® is currently specialized in the development and manufacture of new technologies in fiberglass, carbon fiber and aramid (Kevlar) fabrics and tapes – pre-impregnated or not. It is present in the composite, insulation and civil construction markets.

Today the company is Latin America’s leader in reinforcement products and has specialized expertise in advanced materials and processes.

In addition to fabrics and tapes, TEXIGLASS® develops other solutions that revolutionize applications with reinforcement fibers, in the most diverse sectors of the Brazilian and global industry.